Moissanite rings Adelaide


At Cullen Moissanite we create beautiful engagement rings from Moissanite gems. All our rings are hand made to order here in Melbourne by our talented Jewellers.

We began working with Moissanite after we noticed a high demand for high quality diamond alternatives in Australia. Customers would tell us they had read about Moissanite online but many of them not willing to buy because they had not seen the rings in person.

We now supply to Jewellery stores across Australia giving customers the opportunity to compare Diamonds and Moissanite with their own eyes.

We also sell directly to the public via our website and offer free shipping as well as free resizing. 

Moissanite appeals to a wide variety of buyers, many who are conscious of the potential for exploitation in the diamond industry, while others appreciate the lower comparative cost of buying a Moissanite over a Diamond.

Because all of our rings are made to order we can change the design of the rings to suit your exact requirements. If your are interested in a style that is not on our list, we can make that too. We generate a 3D digital model of the ring and make it from scratch to exact requirements.