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Does Moissanite Get Cloudy?

Moissanite is quickly becoming one of the most popular gemstones used in engagement rings – and for good reason! Incredibly durable, ethical and beautiful, moissanite is the whole package without the extravagant price tag. If you’ve just come across this precious gem, you probably have quite a few questions. Some of the most common questions […]

Can Moissanite Pass a Diamond Tester?

So you’ve stumbled across moissanite: the mysterious gemstone that’s eco-friendly, conflict-free, as dazzling as a diamond, but significantly less expensive. As a more affordable and ethical choice of stone for an engagement ring, moissanite is undoubtedly the best diamond alternative on the market. However, can moissanite actually be passed off as a fake diamond? And […]

How Much Is A 1 Carat Moissanite Worth?

Beautiful, long-lasting and extremely durable, moissanite is a gemstone that is rapidly rising in popularity. With the same lifetime guarantee as a diamond to maintain its fire and brilliance but at the fraction of the cost, it is no wonder why so many couples are choosing moissanite for their engagement ring stone. But how much is a moissanite stone actually worth? Read on to find out!

Is Moissanite The Best Fake Diamond?

Moissanite is undoubtedly the best diamond alternative on the market. If you love the look of a diamond engagement ring but can’t afford the whopping price tag or don’t want the ethical dilemma of buying a mined diamond, moissanite is the perfect stone for you. Read on to find out why!

Is Moissanite Worth Buying?

When couples first hear about moissanite, one of the first questions they often ask is whether moissanite is actually worth buying. With the cultural traditions around purchasing a diamond for your engagement ring stone, and the expectation to buy a certain style of ring, it can be intimidating to go against the flow. However, once couples learn about the lasting beauty, cost-effectiveness and conflict-free origins of moissanite, they often fall in love with this precious gemstone and wouldn’t consider using any other stone for their engagement ring.

What Is A Moissanite Diamond? Is It Real?

Although often compared to a diamond for its similar appearance, there is no such thing as a moissanite diamond. In the same way that an emerald or a sapphire is different to a diamond, moissanite is a real gemstone with its own unique beauty and chemical properties. Because it is a lab-grown stone, moissanite is guaranteed to last as long as a diamond but can be sold at a fraction of the price.

Brilliant Vs. Crushed Ice

When you picture a gemstone such as a moissanite or a diamond, you’re probably picturing a brilliant cut stone. A sparkling, scintillating stone with regular and symmetrical facets. However, in the world of moissanite, a lesser known style of cut is slowly but surely gaining popularity – Crushed Ice.

Which Moissanite Is Closest To A Diamond?

Whether your heart is already set on moissanite or you’re still figuring out whether moissanite is the stone for you, which moissanite is closest to a diamond is quite a common question. Moissanite is undoubtedly a beautiful and precious gem of its own, and many people fall in love with these extra sparkly, affordable, environmentally […]

Is Moissanite A Good Choice For Engagement Rings?

Many people get caught up in the similarities and differences between moissanite and diamonds, but moissanite is gem in its own right, similar to if you chose an emerald or sapphire for your wedding ring instead of a diamond. Here are some of the reasons why moissanite is a great choice for your engagement rings.

Will Moissanite Last Forever?

This is one of the most common questions from people considering a moissanite engagement ring. They worry that moissanite will not have the same durability or lifetime sparkle of a diamond ring. However, moissanite is very similar to diamonds in this sense, and we are so confident that your ring will last forever that all […]