Trilogy Engagement Rings

Celebrate your love with a trilogy engagement ring. The Cullen Moissanite collection is expertly crafted to exceptional standards and never fails to impress. Everything we design is made using the finest materials, and our trilogy engagement rings are no exception. Boasting white, yellow and rose gold, precious gems and intricate detailing, it’s easy to see why our creations are so special. 

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AU$ 2,660.00AU$ 4,810.00
AU$ 2,140.00AU$ 4,360.00
AU$ 2,670.00AU$ 5,070.00
AU$ 2,660.00AU$ 4,870.00
AU$ 2,940.00AU$ 4,970.00
AU$ 2,660.00AU$ 4,810.00
AU$ 2,690.00AU$ 4,780.00
AU$ 2,460.00AU$ 4,900.00
AU$ 2,860.00AU$ 4,280.00
AU$ 2,870.00AU$ 5,310.00
AU$ 2,760.00AU$ 4,480.00
AU$ 2,360.00AU$ 4,800.00

Designs that you will love

We understand just how important finding the right ring is. That’s why we carry such a wonderful selection. Simply browse online for inspiration or chat to our friendly team for advice and guidance. Cullen Moissanite has something for every personality and every sense of taste. 

Custom creations that make a statement

Want to bring your dream idea to life? Our friendly team is more than happy to work alongside couples on custom ring designs. With years of experience and the best tools by our side, there’s nothing that our talented hands can’t do.  

Buy beautiful trilogy rings 

Look to Cullen Moissanite for beautiful trilogy rings. We work to the highest standards and all of our rings come with a free lifetime warranty. Rest assured that our team only uses stones that are ethically sourced and conflict-free. 

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