Halo Engagement Rings

Stunning engagement rings that never fail to sparkle. Our halo designs are expertly crafted using the finest materials just for you. Celebrate your love and make a statement by shopping the exclusive collection at Cullen Moissanite.

AU$ 2,880.00AU$ 4,960.00
AU$ 2,810.00AU$ 5,070.00
AU$ 2,860.00AU$ 5,000.00
AU$ 2,610.00AU$ 4,380.00
AU$ 2,860.00AU$ 5,240.00
AU$ 2,780.00AU$ 4,480.00
AU$ 2,830.00AU$ 5,270.00
AU$ 2,430.00AU$ 4,860.00
AU$ 4,020.00AU$ 6,610.00
AU$ 2,760.00AU$ 5,110.00
AU$ 2,880.00AU$ 4,120.00
AU$ 2,870.00AU$ 5,120.00
AU$ 3,010.00AU$ 4,940.00
AU$ 2,570.00AU$ 4,250.00

Custom rings that you will love

At Cullen Moissanite, we have a wonderful selection of halo engagement rings. Made using beautiful white and rose gold, choose from all kinds of styles to match your personality and sense of taste. Rest assured that all of our rings come with a free lifetime warranty. 

We can also help with custom-made rings for clients that want to play a hand in the design process. Our talented team loves working alongside couples to bring truly amazing ideas to life. 

Why are Moissanite halo rings so special?

The reason our rings are so special is because we work to the highest standards, right down to the smallest detail. This means that everything we create is truly brilliant and unique. Browse our entire collection and find your perfect match today.  

Buy halo engagement rings in Melbourne, Australia

Shop online today for halo engagement rings that always impress. 

The team at Cullen Moissanite offers a standout level of service and we only use stones that are ethically sourced and conflict-free. Shop online today or visit our Melbourne showroom. 

If you have any questions, Please feel free to contact us.