Women’s Chains

Chains can be relatively fine or quite thick, depending on your desired style. Premium chains are typically made from 14k or 18k white gold, yellow gold or rose gold. With no decoration a chain on its own can have a delicate and modern look, however you can choose to accessorise by adding a pendant that will hang gracefully off the chain. The current trend is to layer multiple chains together, a few delicate fine chains placed amongst thick statement chains.

Our chains come in a variety of styles and lengths – from a snake chain to a rope chain, you can choose a chain that best represents your style and personality.

AU$ 1,350.00AU$ 1,520.00
AU$ 360.00AU$ 430.00
AU$ 280.00AU$ 320.00
AU$ 1,570.00AU$ 2,070.00
AU$ 260.00AU$ 340.00
AU$ 2,120.00AU$ 2,650.00
AU$ 420.00AU$ 440.00

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