Rose Gold Rings

Rose gold is certainly having its moment in the spotlight. Defined by its pinkish hue, this precious metal is a blend of yellow gold, copper and silver. For those who like to stray from the more traditional styles, Cullen Moissanite has a collection of 18k rose gold rings for you. Available in a range of designs, add your personal touch with custom features to truly make it your own.

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The Cullen Moissanite touch

Modern and romantic, rose gold jewellery throws a wonderful and subtle blush on any skin tone. When paired with moissanite gemstones, they dazzle and delight. Be inspired by our ready-to-wear pieces or create your very own by building on one of our existing rose gold moissanite rings.

Our process is simple and streamlined: first, select your moissanite stone. Then, send us any drawings or images you have of your ideal ring. Our jewellery designers will work with you to bring your vision to life. Once you’re satisfied with your design, we’ll begin crafting your rose gold moissanite ring. This process will usually take less than 4 weeks and is made right here in Melbourne.

Rose gold moissanite rings to fall in love with

Find your perfect match online at Cullen Moissanite. We are proud to offer engagement rings, earrings and more to lovers of fine jewellery. From halo and solitaire engagement rings to pave wedding bands and more, browse our collection of luxe pieces and take home an exquisite piece that will be treasured for decades to come.

While our boutique store is located in Melbourne, we supply our precious pieces all over the globe because we believe everyone should have access to beautiful jewellery. Are you ready to begin your pursuit for the perfect rose gold moissanite ring? Make an appointment with us today.

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